Thursday, March 29, 2007


Yes, Keith Con III is just around the corner!

This is the third year that we have held a tournament using our Make Ready! rules in Belleville, Ontario. This year's tourney is going to be on June the 2nd.

The day will feature three 3hr games of 650 points, starting at 9AM and finishing at 9PM. All of our posted lists not marked "Provisional" are allowed. Terrain will be preset this year to speed up play time.

The tourney will be held at Eastminster United Church which has a spacious, well-lit area for our use and is within a two minute walk of a MacDonalds, a Tim Horton's and a Subway. The address is 432 Bridge Street East, Belleville, Ontario. I will post directions from the highways (401 & 2) later.

There will be a $10 charge for players. Spectators are welcome and free. Prizes are awarded to the top three participants. We will have Five Arrows Figures ( as our vendor again this year.

Anyone interested in participating can email me here.

Make Ready! Tournament Details!!

Gary here with breaking new:

Hold the phone musket fans! The Make Ready! annual tournament has been moved up to June 2nd this year.

Get ready for mass cavalry charges, cannon carnage and dirty stockings as far as the eyes can see. I'll be there with my SYW Russian vodka swilling horde ... where are you going to be?

Well ... if you can't make it make sure you at least return here to catch all of the post game report action!


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Minor update to Army Lists....

Hello all ! Just a minor format change to the Army List.

The original pen name of DBK was still in the document and has now been updated to
Make Ready! A way better and glorious name for a Musket era game.


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Found a couple of American Civil War photos from our 2006 Make Ready! world Championships ... okay so it may not be that big yet but we drew in a number of local players as far away as Toronto and Ottawa.

This photo above shows, what looks to be a pretty strong defensive deployment by the Confederates. They have put a line of lights in the woods which can advance up to the edge and then move backwards in line (free 180 deg) slowing any advance into the woods by the Union. A strong heavy Infantry block beside the woods ... a bit too congested here ... and three batteries of guns! Looks like the Union has some light troops to contest the woods and they are setting up a deep column of troops to come around the wooded hill on the far right. The Union's left flank looks a bit exposed...

Yes sir! The Confederates took to the steep hill flanking the Union Army. I'm not too sure I'd be leaving my guns and heavy Inf. back on the left of the woods like shown. They only have a thin line of light troops in the woods. The Union could take advantage with a good PIP roll.
Still to me it looks like the Confederate army should win this one!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Make Ready! army lists....

Use the "Make Ready! - Army Lists" link on the right of the page to get your free copy of the current army list.

Just "right click" on the link and use the "save target as" option to save a copy to your computer!

PLEASE NOTE: The SYW lists are undergoing some minor final edits and may change.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Main Rules

Use the links on the right hand side to get your free copy of the Make Ready! rules!!

Just "right click" on the Make Ready! - Rules link and use the "save target as" option to store a copy to your computer.

The Rules are finished

Well, Steve and I have put the finishing touches on the rules and the next post contains them in full. The charts (eg. combat results, element costs) don't transpose well into this format. I'll try to figure out how to post them as a word document to take care of that.

Watch for the army lists soon. And for some martial backdrops instead of all the pastels!

Thursday, March 1, 2007


This site will feature the rules for "Make Ready!" a wargame for the musket era (1740-1865) which I invented with Steve O'Brien. It is based on the DBx system and requires the player to already have a copy of the DBM 3.1 rules.

DBM 3.0 can be obtained at any wargaming shop and the DBM 3.1 amendments can be found at

I am new to blogging, so this may take some time in getting set up, but eventually the site will post our rules and the army lists for the period.