Saturday, June 2, 2007

Keith Con 2007 Results

WOW! Keith Con was bigger than ever this year, with twelve players and several visitors as well. Don Cameron from Five Arrows Figures showed up again with his wares as KeithCon's official miniatures and Osprey book dealer.

Four of the players, who were new to our rules opted out of the tournament and played some non-timed "learning games". The rest played three searing rounds filled with high octane excitement and cut-the-air-with-a-knife tension.

All eyes were on this table in the second round:

Where Martin, the two time Make Ready! champion faced Gary "Going for the Gold" Giles. Gary's ceaseless playing paid off and he wrested the championship title from Martin this year and won a copy of Mark Urban's "Rifles" as a prize.

The rest of the standings were:
Gary Giles - 23.2

Martin Rowland - 16.2

Mark Beaudon - 11.8

Dave May - 10.7

Skip Johnson - 9.8

Josh Garratt - 7

Mike Manning - 5.9

Ron Giles - 2.1

Thanks to everyone who participated. Send copies of any battle reports you want posted to either me or Gary and we can put them on the site