Friday, September 26, 2008

KeithCon Photos !!!!!

Finally here are the photos from KeithCon 2008!

Here we have those famous generals from the battle of Kolin .... and in matching Hawaiian shirts no less! The fine upstanding gentleman is Steve O'Brien ... one half of the Make Ready! Rules team and acting offical for this battle ... no chance of cheating at this table.

Lots of ponies down on this end of the table!
Looks to be early in the game as the mounted look to the flanks.

Here is a nice over view of the game developing.
Wil and Skip's flashy fashions don't seem to be impressing Dave very much.

Wow! That Dave gets around ... here he is trying his hand at a 400AP game in Spain. This is a nice size game ... 4x3 table with 2 commands. A bit of painting involved to get something usable on the table but not overwhelming.

Here is a view of the game as it developed.
.... looks a bit PIP heavy!

And finally a look at the third table we had setup. You will notice that those hands belong to the other half of the rules creation team Keith Gregoire. This is another 400AP battle ... First Manassas.

OH, oh! Look at that flank march!
Bye-bye Union!
Well that's how the games looked at KeithCon this year. So download your copy of the rules, slap some paint and we will see you next year on the tables!