Monday, January 7, 2008

A French & Indian War game

Well, I finally got a chance to put together a few pictures. Emen and I played a little French & Indian War game recently. Here we see the opening stages of the game. A fleury of French & Indian skirmishers has raced forward to pin the British in their position in the corner. The British are deployed there as they are concerned about what mught be lurking in the woods off to their left....
Here's the view from the British side. Regular troops to the right of the gun with grenadiers and militia to the left. More militia and some ranger elements are moving to the right to fill out the line and possibly drive off the French skirmishers.

Emen's fears were founded. Several hundred Indians charge out of the woods and across the swamp.....
The rest of the French line formed up with them, with the French regular troops double timing it to take their place on the far left of the French line.
The basic French plan worked, which was to use numeric superiority to overwhelm their opponent's advantage in quality by a double envelopment. The Canadiens skirmished with the elite British line and the six pounders in the center,.........
while the Indians raced in against the colonial militia holding the British left flank........
and the French regulars charged in depth, hitting the militia holding the British right flank:
The French took their fair share of losses, too, but did manage to turn both flanks. The British army collapsed and the French carried the day.
Thanks for a fun game Emen.


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